Azure data

Azure data

Azure is the Microsoft cloud platform that offers all kind of cloud services. Most companies are now moving slowly to the cloud or at least thinking of moving to the cloud, and the reasons for this can be:

  • They simply know of other companies in the same sector that do so
  • They are leaving their datacenter which is too costly
  • They want to reduce licensing costs
  • They don’t want to continue paying their work force to do level 1 tasks and prefer managed solutions
  • The idea of paying for what they really consume sounds appealing
  • They want to do some complex BI or Big Data and this could be very expensive on premise
  • The clouds, and Azure specifically, offer some many build-in services/solutions
    The issue then becomes what to migrate to which solution, and how to migrate. It can become a bit overwhelming.

We provide great services to support your migration to Azure

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