Oracle to SQL Server or Azure database

Oracle Migration

Are you ready to migrate to SQL Server or Azure Database?
Qubark supports you in your migration from Oracle to SQL Server or Azure Database.

We verify that your source environment is supported and that you have addressed any prerequisites.
After verifying that your source environment is supported and ensuring that you have addressed any prerequisites, we start the pre-migration stage. This part of the process involves conducting an inventory of the databases that you need to migrate, assessing those databases for potential issues or blockers, and then resolving any items we might have uncovered.
After we have completed assessing your databases and addressing any discrepancies, the next step is to execute the migration process. Migration involves two steps – publishing the schema and migrating the data.
After we have successfully completed the Migration stage, we go through a series of post-migration tasks to ensure that everything is functioning as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If this project is not a current topic, we at Qubark also have the Oracle expertise to ensure you have remote access to a highly experienced DBA.
Our services include:

  • Oracle health and risk audit
    • Configuration
    • Setup
    • Security
    • Server configuration
    • Alignment with best practices
    • Patching level
    • Maintenance
    • Performance


  • Performance optimisation
    • Traces capture
    • Bottleneck analysis
    • Analysis of the most consuming queries
    • Recommendations (indexes, code, etc.)


  • Or any other personalized need

It’s okay to admit it, finding resources with very high quality and expertise to support your servers can be extremely difficult, especially when you need wide coverage, because the best DBAs are expensive. This is why businesses turn to us, Qubark, as we are the most experienced and profitable remote database support consultant in France.

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