SQL Server Performance Optimisation

SQL Server Performance Optimisation

Performance data will be collected and analyzed to identify costly queries and potential bottlenecks in disk, memory, network and CPU. Execution plans of the top consuming queries will be analysed on a dev/test/pre-prod server and all the recommendations will be provided in a detailed report, where you can look at your SQL Server and view its performance in depth.

We have a 100% delivery rate, having solved every single performance issue we have been asked to work on. Having worked for Microsoft as SQL Microsoft Certified Masters has given us the experience which is required to tackle any performance issues; our clients have been thrilled to see their SQL server and view its performance improvements as a result.

Using remote control and conference calls, we don’t need physical access to your servers so you can be based anywhere in the world. You can also learn from watching us work on your SQL Server, view its performance, and ask questions so on top of having your performance issues solved, this can be a great learning experience for your team!

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