SQL and MS BI to Azure



You don’t have the skills in house or simply don’t have the time to plan the migration?

​You want a study to know how much it will cost and how much you could save?

​You want a guide that your team will be able to follow to migrate other databases in the future effortlessly?

​You want your teams to be trained?

​You want to migrate an OnPremise SQL database, Oracle database to Azure Platform as a Service?

​You don’t know what would would best for you (Azure Single Database, Elastic Database, Managed Instance)?

​Let us help and take over the hassle, we have already done all this for several clients.

Once the migration strategy has been agreed on, we can actually proceed with the migration for you.

It can go from a simple “lift and shift” in IaaS mode to a rearchitecture  or a complete rebuild.

For SQL Server, it can go from a simple “lift and shift” in IaaS mode to a migration in PaaS mode with either an Azure SQL database or a SQL Managed instance.

For the BI stack, it can also be a simple “lift and shift” in IaaS mode. We can also decide to take full advantage of the BI solutions (Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Analysis Services, Power Bi) in Azure, as well as Big Data solutions (Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Data Lake Analytics, using Hive, Pig, or custom Map/Reduce jobs in an HDInsight Hadoop cluster, or using Java, Scala, or Python programs in an HDInsight Spark cluster, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Spark Streaming in an HDInsight cluster, Microsoft R Server, etc…) and we can start doing some really cool stuff!

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