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Why Choose Qubark?


We are SQL Server, MS BI, Azure cloud, Big Data / Machine Learning, Active Directory, BizTalk Server experts with extensive experience on working with some of the largest SQL, BI, or Biztalk server deployments in the world. We pride ourselves on excellence, aiming to deliver the highest quality of service, whilst driving cost savings and ensuring that you have what you need to deliver your own services at the highest possible standard.


Our team consists of a group of highly specialised SQL Server, MS BI, Azure cloud, Big Data / Machine Learning, Active Directory, BizTalk Server experts and Microsoft experts. Each team member has over 10 years of experience working for Microsoft and many of its largest enterprise customers.

We have worked on some of the most critical SQL Server, MS BI, Azure cloud, Big Data / Machine Learning, Active Directory, BizTalk Server implementations in the world, ensuring that these systems are highly optimised, highly stable and adhere to Microsoft best practice. We have Microsoft experts on our team with the highest Microsoft certifications in their fields such as SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master (MCM).


Our goal is to improve the economic performance of our customers by democratizing expertise and establishing a relationship of trust over time.



We are process managers as well as I.T solutions experts. We understand the challenges facing big companies and are able to take a deep view into your enterprise and the challenges involved in delivering enterprise level data and integration solutions.



Responsiveness is also a key element of our success. Our “human” scale business allows us to respond most often within the hour to our customers, remotely. This is how we were able to get several CIOs out of very delicate situations. Our great flexibility also allows us to adapt quickly and in an ideal manner.



Developing the skills of our clients’ teams is also at the heart of our priorities. Each report of our audits and studies is the subject of a technical meeting of 2 hours, which can be recorded. It is also an opportunity to spend time with the teams by answering all their questions and ensuring the implementation of recommendations by making sure that the systems are highly optimized, secure, highly stable, and conform to the best Microsoft practices.



We have clients all over Europe, so our Microsoft experts are able to deliver quality solutions regardless of the location or size of your company.


But don’t just take out word for it; take a look at our case studies here to see what we have accomplished, or have a read of the testimonial below:


“Beyond the quality of his expertise which was highly appreciated, especially during his performance optimisation, he managed to make us open our eyes to the best practices, and for example choosing the edition carefully. In short, we will not hesitate to call Qubark back in the future”

Mehdi Belahcen, Compute & Cloud Design Manager @Alstom

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